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Splinter Cell: Conviction

The Story                

in splinter cell conviction you are put in the shoes of a splinter cell agent Sam Fisher, a splinter cell agent gone rogue on the trail of the mystery of his dead daughter Sarah. The story of splinter cell picks up after the events of the previous game double agent, if you haven’t played double agent or didn’t finish it  don’t worry they fill you in on all the details pretty quickly; your daughter was killed in a car accident, you dropped out of the secret government agency third echelon and went rogue and when you heard of the killer of your daughter you jumped back into the action. now telling you all the details of the game will stop you listening to the great dialogue, its like a good James Bond movie though the only problem is that the story is short, you’ll finish it within 5-6 hours or more depending on how many times you die, and another problem is one of the missions, the Iraq flashback, this takes away completely from the stealth and instead makes you take on the hordes of Iraqi soldiers by yourself no silencers no nothing, though this takes away from the stealth genre I did have a bit of fun with the brain dead AI. The story is also told through projected images and word on walls that tell you where to go and makes it seem as if you are seeing what fisher is thinking, its way better than some objective marker.

The Game play

I believe that the game play in the game is the most important thing of all, it doesn’t matter much about the story or the dialogue, but these are the things in the game that fills in the holes of the game to makes it just as good, they definitely nailed it, I was completely immersed in dodging the rays of  lights, and moving from cover to cover as I move closer to my target where I activate a bad ass cinematic melee attack. There is also a new stealth mechanic were when your detected and you run off you will leave a white ghost like outline of yourself this is your last known location and where the baddies will go looking for you this gives you the tactical advantage of the ability to flank your opponents who just realized that where they thought you where wasn’t really where you where, then they get judo chopped on the neck.

The cover system is the best I’ve ever seen its cinematic and crisp and makes you feel really sneaky, you transfer from cover to cover by holding LT to keep you in cover then you aim directly to the place you want to take cover at,  you then press A and you slide into cover.

As a person who didn’t play the previous splinter cell game I thought of this as a completely new game which it pretty much is with the game play because of what I’ve heard they’ve completely scratched the previous games stealth mechanic and replaced it with a new fun fast paced stealth mechanic, no longer shall we just watch and wait for the enemies to walk by then sneak across and get spotted immediately and have to do it all over again, with this mechanic you can mark the two guys patrolling with him and use your victim as a human shield and execute his two buddies with an awesome slow motion execution were you shoot the baddies in the head with a satisfying gush of blood then your lifeless human shield drops dead body pumped with led form his scared s***less buddies. This mechanic definitively makes Sam Fisher feel like the bad ass he is. You can only earn the ability to execute when you have done a melee attack or used a guy as a human shield.

All of this make it a highly cinematic game which you will become addicted to so take my advice if your getting it for a friend don’t play it you will miss it so much that you would just want to yank it out of his bare hands and play countless more days of the game, but when you played the hell out of the story mode finished it all on realistic difficulty, you still have the deniable ops to play which is really fun to play especially with the two bad ass characters kestrel and archer (Archer is inferior to the bad ass Russian Kestrel).

The Artificial Intelligence

The AI is good in the stealth portions of the game but when your in a firefight you’ll notice how ancient the Artificial Intelligence is, I’m disappointed with the AI because this game was in the making for a long time I was expecting a good AI, AI is sometimes brain dead it’ll work when it wants to, you’ll occasionally see the enemy bobbing up and down from cover for no reason and even sometimes running around in circuits in combat and this AI will also charge right at you and get right in front of your cover and shoot you over the cover while your pinned down by everyone else firing at your position, or if their not doing that they’ll just stand there right in front of you doing nothing but thinking about the weather with their head up their ass, this is especially bad in the level in Iraq because all your doing on that level is having fire fights, and sometimes I throw a grenade right in front of them and they don’t even react the slightest bit and I’m sick and tired of them continually saying while their trying to find me “come on out fisher” “we won’t hurt you fisher” “come out and die fisher” that’s practically the worst punishment for being spotted. so you won’t get a kick out of the fire fights and combat you’ll have the best fun with the stealth game play because they focused the AI on the stealth. I hope they fix this in an update soon.

The Co-op

The co-op in splinter cell is well executed there is a good amount of levels few less than of the single player and is a nice touch and lets you forgive how short the campaign is, in short you’ll probably have more fun if you play this game in co-op, that’s even if you have a friend who can be bothered or even have any friends and on that note it is recommend that you communicate with your friend so you can plan out your tactics because they’ll be allot of those kinds of situations. There is a story not as compelling as the single player but you’ll find you won’t give a rats ass about the story its just a voice saying you need to get the man to get the door open for you or place C4 here and there and then she says oh no where are the nukes then you go through all the levels which have very cool designs you’ll find allot of variability but I got bored of the maps after sometime so now I want DLC that gives me more maps I’m happy to buy more content for this game.

The Verdict


*innovative stealth and cover mechanic

*Crisp graphics and lighting

*Immersive story

*fun co-op campaign

*addictive game play


*short single player campaign

*ancient and occasionally brain dead AI

The pros far outweigh the cons making a result of

76% Great Game

On my scale this is a game that deserves to fill that hole on your games shelf. this would be at least a 90& if it weren’t for the short story and lack of levels on the single player and campaing or debiable ops map is required.